Care Assistant: Career or Lifestyle

Care assistants help people with difficulties accomplish their daily chores. They can work with different types of people such as children, the aged and people with either learning or physical disabilities.

Necessary Qualities

The occupation is suited to those who enjoy helping others and making a difference in their lives. A good care assistant knows how to associate with people from different backgrounds in a caring and friendly manner. The assistant needs lots of patience to work successfully, and a great Read the rest of this entry »

In Home Care Assistants

Home care assistants offer help for people who are recovering from surgery or disease at home. They also care for geriatric patients who prefer to stay at home rather than go to a nursing home. Home health assistants take vital signs, prepare meals and assist with other activities of daily living. Some home health care assistants are certified. A nursing assistant is often registered with the state. Nursing assistants can work in hospitals, home health care or anywhere a nursing team is needed.I was looking for more information and found it July 2013

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